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Magazine articles development related to PHP

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Tuning Apache and PHP for Speed on Unix

Here is an extensive compilation of tips on how to optimise Apache on Linux and Unix for PHP and CGI programs. The tips can also be applied to Perl and Python.
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According to Symantec AntiVirus Research Center, "PHP.Pirus is the first virus written in PHP, a server-side scripting language used for dynamic Web page generation. The virus searches for .php and .htm files and inserts code to call itself. The virus executes only on servers with PHP interpret
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Configuration Management

The mangement of software development projects with respect to issues such as multiple developers working on the same code at the same time, targeting multiple platforms, supporting multiple versions, and controlling the status of code.
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Plotting points on a map in PHP

Give code and examples on the basics of plotting geo-coordinates on a raster map of the world using PHP and GD.
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PHP: Past, Present, and Future

You may already know that PHP is fast, stable, and easy to learn, but you may not know how it got that way. In this interview, Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP, talks about the unlikely origins of this open-source product. Then core developers Stig Bakken, Andi Guttmans, and Zeev Suraski explain h
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Uncovering One of the Web's Best Secrets

From its humble roots as Personal Home Page Tools, PHP has evolved into robust technology for developing web applications. It talks about PHP's roots, the case for PHP, the future of PHP, and more.
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PHP: Speaking the Language of Enterprise

This article by Zend describes why PHP is gaining popularity as the enterprise solution for developing dynamic Web applications.
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The PHP coder's top 10 mistakes and problems

Seeing the number of problems and mistakes PHP coders encounter repeatedly I set out to make this list of the 10 most common problems and mistakes done by PHP coders.
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Web-Page Generator PHP Gets A Much-Needed Jolt in Version 4

Talks about limitations with PHP3 and the new and improved features with PHP4. Covers various aspects of the new PHP4 in detail.
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Building Modular XHTML Web Pages with PHP

Learn how to use PHP to separate the different elements that make up a well designed and valid Web page into its component parts and have these parts adapt in certain powerful ways. These components correlate almost exactly with the modular design of XHTML itself. Covers the key differences between
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Job Costing Software - The Benefits

Job costing software lets you resume your role as project manager, not accountant. Manual methods of job costing simply cannot keep up with a project’s daily changes.
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Treasure Trove

PHP is a Web scripting language that is the functional equivalent of Microsoft's VBScript and Active Server Pages except that PHP is more platform-agnostic...PHP3 provides myriad powerful features for your Web applications.
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PHP 4.0: Dynamic Content for the Web Warrior

PHP 4.0 makes its debut. The author puts PHP 4 through its paces on one of the busiest Web sites around--Linux Today--and what his benchmarking shows will amaze you: PHP 4.0 is an amazingly fast tool that can optimize any Web site.
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Dating Scripts

Information, listings, blogs, discussions about Dating Scripts, Dating Software, Matchmaking Software, Matchmaker Software.
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Reliable & free! It has to be Apache! by Nakul Goyal

WEB servers come in various shapes and sizes. They run under a variety of operating systems, have varying levels of power and complexity, and range in price from rather expensive to free. One of them is Apache.
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A free alternative to Cold Fusion or ASP?

Ask most Web application developers their scripting language of choice, and you'll find that most are divided into two camps - the Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) folks, and the Cold Fusion users. If you do a little more research however, you'll find there are other options out there, and one of
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What's New in PHP4?

This article takes a quick look at PHP4's new features. Some of the issues discussed include: the difference between PHP3 and PHP4, Sessions, Output Buffering, COM support on Windows, Java support, and more.
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PHP and XML, technical or cultural gap?

Classified as "the most popular Apache module" by E-Soft, PHP is one of the least frequently mentioned languages amongst the XML discussion lists. PHP4 brings many enhancements to PHP's object oriented features and should therefore allow a leap forward in the XML direction which PHP3 didn'
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Under The Hood of PHP 4

This article discusses features of PHP4, the most advanced version of PHP. Topics include: History Brief, Where Did We Go Wrong?, The Birth of Zend, and Design Changes In PHP 4 and Zend.
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SmartPPC Pro FindArticles Plug-In

"FindArticles Plug-In is designed to help your visitors find published articles quick and easy, based on the topics of interest. It searches articles among more than 5.5 million articles from more than 900 magazines and journals, starting from 1998 until present. FindArticles even brings some
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PHP From an IT Manager's Perspective

In this article, Tobias Ratschiller (who runs http://phpwizard.net) explains what PHP is, what it can do, and where it stands compared to other programming and scripting languages.
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Evolution of a Super Hero

The release of PHP 4.0, the long-awaited, next generation of the popular Web scripting language, is just around the corner. The most recent version, release candidate 1, is stable and ready to take over PHP 3.0's role in Web application development. The release takes PHP to new levels, with increase
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Free Software Profile: PHP

This article takes a brief look at PHP4/Zend technology. It discusses such issues as architecture and functionality, PHP3 vs PHP4, pros and cons of PHP, etc.
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Business Process Execution Language

BPEL for Web services, also known as BPELWS or BPEL4WS, is based upon XML standards. It is intended to provide a means to implement task-sharing in a distributed or grid computing environment both within and across multiple organizations. The BPEL acts as a "glue" between various Web servi
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ADOdb and Oracle: an advanced tutorial

Covers <ul> <li>Prepare <li>BLOB/CLOB/LOB support <li>Calling storing procedures and PL/SQL <li>Bind parameters, IN and OUT parameters <li>REF CURSORs <li>Error-handling <li>Date and time
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Export MS Excel data to your WEB site directly!

There is a long-time existed obstacle of Microsoft software products usage in Unix/Linux environment. Microsoft Excel is definitely one of the most important programs for a typical user. Hundreds of millions of XLS files with different information exist and millions are created every day. Not only u
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PHP Tunisie Magazine

PHP Tunisie Magazine is a FREE monthly french magazine for PHP Professionnals. The magazine is created and maintained by PHPTunisie members.
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Aspect-oriented Software Development and PHP

Aspect Oriented Software Development (AOSD) is a methodology meant to implement new aspects in software component using external components, but without altering the code that implements the core functionality. The AOSD concept was applied originally by Java developers. They developed a compiler tha
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What You Should Know About PHP

PHP can help you look like a web-wunderkid while saving you hours of drudgery. This online article / tutorial presents a little history on PHP, what PHP can do, how to get started with PHP, and more.
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Why PHP?

PHP is now the most popular module for the Apache server, currently running on about two million Web sites. This article discusses a short history, what to look for in a scripting engine, advantages and disadvantages of PHP, and more.
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A Database-Independent API for PHP

PHP's lack of a standard database API makes switching databases difficult and costly once an application has been written. For example, if you write a program that uses a MySQL database on the back end, and you want to modify that program so that it uses a Sybase database, you'll most likely spend h
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Enterprise PHP

PHP is an Open Source language that is widely popular on the web. However because PHP so popular in shared hosting environments, many people have an impression that PHP is only for small scale web-sites. This is patently untrue, and PHP is in use in many large scale web sites such as Yahoo Finance a
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Data-Drive Sites with Midgard

Zope isn't the only Open Source site-management tool out there. Brian Jepson introduces Midgard. Main topics include: Installing Midgard, Building a Simple Site with Midgard, Defining Styles for Your Site, Creating the Host, Creating Content, Updating the Home Page, and Data Collections.
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Advantages of PHP Over Java

This is a brief article on comparison between PHP and Java language. Discussion on history, advantages, and statistics.
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PHP: Hackers Paradise

Being a good PHP hacker isn't just about writing single line solutions to complex problems. For example, web gurus know that speed of coding is much more important than speed of code. This article looks at techniques that can help you become a better PHP hacker. It assumes that you have a basic know
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