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Tips and Tutorials

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JDK More Flexible, Scalable Locking

Multithreading and concurrency are nothing new, but one of the innovations of the Java language design was that it was the first mainstream programming language to incorporate a cross-platform threading model and formal memory model directly into the language specification. While this simplifies the
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The Jxta command shell

Project Jxta is a community-run attempt to build a utility application substrate for peer-to-peer applications. The initial reference implementation of Jxta includes a command-line shell that allows experimentation with the core Jxta platform without programming. This article takes us through a hand
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Loading and Using JavaBean Classes in JSP Pages

This JSP tutorial helps you understand: Loading JavaBean classes into JSP pages; Setting and getting JavaBean's properties; Using Java objects as JavaBeans.
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Developing and distributing Java applications for the client side

Java Web Start, a new technology to assist the development of client-side Java applications, is unique in that it frees you from concerning yourself with how the client is launched, either from a Web browser or from the desktop. Additionally, this technology provides an encompassing deployment schem
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Herong's Notes on JSP

This book is a collection of notes and tutorial codes I wrote while I was leaning JSP (JavaServer Pages). Topics include: attachment, Big5, book, Chinese, content-disposition, content_type, cookie, custom tag, debugging, example, expression language, file upload, GB2312, GBK, header lines, HTTP/1.1,
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Generate Certificate Chains for Testing Java Applications

Learn how to create digital-certificate chains to test your software. IBM Software Engineer, Paul H. Abbott, clarifies this seldom-documented process by showing you how to use the freely available OpenSSL toolkit to create a certificate chain of any length. He also describes common certificate attri
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How To Run J2ME Programs on Palm Devices

Palm products are very popular mobile communication tools which have a large number of properties. Because of the properties that these devices have, they have been combined with programs such as Java.
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Introducing the Reflexive User Interface Builder

The IBM Reflexive User Interface Builder (RIB), a new technology available from alphaWorks, is an application and toolkit for building and rendering Java AWT/Swing and Eclipse SWT GUIs. RIB specifies a flexible and easy-to-use XML markup language for describing Java GUIs and provides an engine for c
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This is a simple function used to encode text and attribute values before adding them to your XML documents. This code can always be extended to handle maore special characters
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EJB exception handling

As J2EE has become the enterprise development platform of choice, more and more J2EE-based applications are going into production. One important component of the J2EE platform is the Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) API. Together, J2EE and EJB technology offer many advantages, but with these advantages co
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