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Connecting MS Access Database with JDBC-OBDC Bridge Driver

Tutorials on using the JDBC-ODBC Bridge driver with MS Access database. Topics include creating MS Access database file; creating DSN for MS Access database files; inserting rows to and retrieving rows from Access database.
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Developing and distributing Java applications for the client side

Java Web Start, a new technology to assist the development of client-side Java applications, is unique in that it frees you from concerning yourself with how the client is launched, either from a Web browser or from the desktop. Additionally, this technology provides an encompassing deployment schem
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Understanding and Using JSP Sessions

This tutorial helps you to understand: What is a session? How a JSP server uses cookies to pass session ID? How to pass values in session objects? How to debug JSP session objects?
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Swing Dev with TableModel Free framework

This article introduces the TableModel Free (TMF) framework which eliminates the need to use TableModels with Swing JTables. The TMF framework allows for more configurable JTables by moving all of table-specific data outside of the compiled code and into a configurable XML file. Framework developer
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Download SCEA 310-051 Free Exam Simulator

SCEA Practice 310-051 Free Exam Simulator which helps you to prepare for the exam. The Exam Simulator is a computer program designed to help you pass your examination on the first try. The Exam Simulator pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses by quizzing you with questions similar to those found o
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Servlets trail

The Servlets trail teaches you about servlets, the bodies of code that run inside servers, and extend their functionality. Topics include: Overview of Servlets, Client Interaction, The Life Cycle of a Servlet, Saving Client State, Servlet Communication, Utilities for Running Servlets, and Running Se
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Introducing the Reflexive User Interface Builder

The IBM Reflexive User Interface Builder (RIB), a new technology available from alphaWorks, is an application and toolkit for building and rendering Java AWT/Swing and Eclipse SWT GUIs. RIB specifies a flexible and easy-to-use XML markup language for describing Java GUIs and provides an engine for c
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Double-checked locking and the Singleton pattern

Examine the roots of the double-checked locking idiom, why it was developed, and why it doesn't work. The Java programming language contains several useful programming idioms. It also contains some that further study has shown should not be used. Double-checked locking is one such idiom that should
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Writing Form Data to Text Files

This sample of JSP file, first handles all posted data from a web form and write to a text file. We have used Tomcat Server to run our sample code. You could easily edit the source code to use in your application.
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Introducing inheritance to PropertyResourceBundles

Creating a fully internationalized Java application using PropertyResourceBundles can present some interesting design and implementation problems, including concern over how to modularize the bundles to be used in different areas of the application. This article explores a solution based on Property
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HTTP tunneling with servlets

The corporate firewall is a double-edged sword. It helps prevent unauthorized access to the corporate Web services, but can disable access for legitimate clients. Due to the number of safety measures taken by system administrators, HTTP has become the universal entry mechanism to the corporate netwo
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JSP Page Directive

In this JSP tutorial, you will learn about JSP page directive, attributes of the page directive along with syntax, examples and explanations.
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A three-pronged solution for identifying users

The problem of system security starts with discovering the identity of the user on the other end of the communications link. This article discusses three familiar approaches for identifying users, highlights their strengths and weaknesses (alone and in combinations), and provides some examples of ea
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JSP Introduction

In this JSP tutorial, you will learn about JSP, usage of JSP, process of development, independency of layers and simplification of process.
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Handling Unhandled Exceptions

Java Server Pages (JSP) could handle any erros that might be arised in scriptlets, expressions, or other JSP elements. You could use try/cacth blocks to handle any known erros. In this technic we could use to display a custom error on our file where unhandled exception is thrown.
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Mash that trash -- Incremental compaction in the IBM JDK Garbage Collector

This article discusses incremental compaction, a new feature in the memory management component of IBM JDK 1.4.0. Incremental compaction is a way of spreading compaction work across different garbage collection cycles, thereby reducing pause times. The authors discuss the need for incremental compac
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Java Servlets: An Alternative To CGI Scripts

This article describes advantages and disadvantages of Servlets vs CGI, How a Servlet works, and Where a Servlet can be used for.
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Diagnosing Java code: The case for static types

Love or hate it, static type checking can make code more robust. Programming languages are moving away from static type checking, but it is too powerful a debug resource to abandon. Static type checking can be one of the key weapons in a powerful arsenal against introducing and for detecting bugs. T
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Java For Stand-Alone Applications

Java programming language was primarily developed to deal with embedded applications. But with the introduction of Swing and other user interface utilities to Java, it made its mark in desktop applications too. Now the trend is to use Java technology in developing large web and enterprise applicatio
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Using Java to read bar codes

This article takes a new look at UPC symbols and bar codes, and describes how you can use Java to read information from a UPC bar code. The authors explain how to expedite and organize your enterprise operations that revolve around an IBM DB2 database. The sample application described in the article
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