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Tips and Tutorials

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Handling Unhandled Exceptions

Java Server Pages (JSP) could handle any erros that might be arised in scriptlets, expressions, or other JSP elements. You could use try/cacth blocks to handle any known erros. In this technic we could use to display a custom error on our file where unhandled exception is thrown.
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Java Interview Questions

Java Interview Questions: Get the Interview Questions and Frequently Asked Questions in Java related Technologies. Over 1000 Questions and Answers in J2EE subjects like Java Interview Questions, JDBC Interview Questions, EJB Interview Questions, Struts Interview Questions, JMS Interview Questions, J
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Portlets with FacesClient Components

Web apps developed with the thin client computing model exhibit performance gaps and user interface limitations. As an alternative, the IBM FacesClient Components (formerly called the Odyssey Browser Framework) provides a more effective model for developing Web apps. FacesClient Components work insi
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An Introduction to Java Servlets

This article describes the overall servlet architecture and what you need to develop your application with servlets. Also presented are several code examples to show you how to use the Servlet API, and compare it with CGI and proprietary server APIs where appropriate.
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Introduction to JavaServer Pages

This article introduces you to JSP: its features, target users, and intended use. It also compares JSP to some current Netscape technologies, such as SSJS and NAS's presentation markup language. Main topics include: JSP basics, Basic JSP request model, Working with Java Beans, and more.
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JSP Introduction

In this JSP tutorial, you will learn about JSP, usage of JSP, process of development, independency of layers and simplification of process.
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Stop Email Spam with Java Applets

This article explains all the Java code required to send emails using Java applets, thus hiding/protecting your real email addresses.
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Step-by-Step JAVA games (Part 2)

Creating a basic Java game using JPanel.
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Getting Started: Installation and Setup

This tutorial briefly explains where to obtain and how to install the Servlet and JSP Classes for Unix and Windows. Also, provides links to get a Servlet-Capable Web Server or Servlet Engine.
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HTTP tunneling with servlets

The corporate firewall is a double-edged sword. It helps prevent unauthorized access to the corporate Web services, but can disable access for legitimate clients. Due to the number of safety measures taken by system administrators, HTTP has become the universal entry mechanism to the corporate netwo
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Introducing inheritance to PropertyResourceBundles

Creating a fully internationalized Java application using PropertyResourceBundles can present some interesting design and implementation problems, including concern over how to modularize the bundles to be used in different areas of the application. This article explores a solution based on Property
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Java 2 Platform and JAAS Authorization Architectures

Follow along as Java architect Abhijit Belapurkar leads this detailed, behind-the-scenes introduction to two distinctly different (yet related) models of authorization: the code-centric model of the Java 2 platform security architecture and the user-centric model of the Java Authentication and Autho
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Wireless messaging with JXTA

Learn how to use JXTA technology to integrate thin Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) clients into enterprise-scale messaging applications by developing a set of classes that let you integrate J2ME clients into JMS (Java Message Service) applications running on Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition
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Creating JDBC SQL Statements. Displaying Records from a MySQL Database.

A tutorial on how to create and execute JDBC SQL Statements and display records from a table in a MySQL Database. Also covers topics like creating databases and tables in MySQL. All code is explained in detail.
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Drawing Pad in Java

A simple Drawing Pad on which the user can draw some lines and shapes by using the mouse.
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Java Online Course

Easy to follow, visual presentation of many of the concepts you need to start programming in java such as fundamentals, syntax, basic packages, GUI with AWT/Swing/2Dapi, threads and networking. Includes example source code, quizzes and exercises.
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Building Your Own JSP Components

Adapted from a chapter of the book Web Development with JavaServer Pages, this article is written for developers who want to create their own Beans for use as JSP components, and for interested web designers who want to understand how these components are implemented behind the scenes. It is not nec
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.NET and J2EE - A Comparsion Study

This tutorial compares .NET and J2EE, discussing various features of both the technolgoies and summarising when and where these technologies are suitable to use for entriprise application.
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JSP Tags

In this JSP tutorial, you will learn about JSP tags, list of the tags used in Java Server Pages, declaration tag, general syntax of declaration tag, expression tag and general syntax of expression tag.
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Perl to Java regular expressions tutorial

This small tutorial is for those who are familiar with regular expressions in Perl and want to use them in Java too. I give some examples in Perl on the left side and their Java equivalents on the right side.
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