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What is Object Serialization

Serialization is a way of flattening, pickling, sizzling, serializing, or freeze-drying Objects so that they can be stored on disk, and later read back and reconstituted, with all the links between Objects intact Object serialization is the process of saving an object's state to a sequence of bytes
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Swing's new JFormattedTextField component

Accepting formatted input doesn't have to be difficult with input verifiers and focus listeners. This installment of Magic with Merlin shows you how to use the new JFormattedTextField component to prompt for numbers, dates, and formatted input. The Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE), version 1.4, adds t
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What is java?

This small article is aimed at web designers who are (mostly) non-programmers and who wish to use 3rd party applets rather than create their own. It sets out to define java from the non-specialist's perspective and guard against a few common misconceptions.
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J2EE Overview

J2EE is a technology that aims to simplify the design and implementation of enterprise applications. In this tutorial you will learn what J2EE is, its benefits, J2EE main components, Evolution of Enterprise Application Frameworks, Why use J2EE, J2EE Platform Architecture, J2EE APIs and Technologies
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JSP Tutorials - Controlling HTTP Response Header Lines

This tutorial helps you to understand: HTTP Response Syntax HTTP Response Header Lines Controlling Response Header Lines Viewing Response Header Lines Response Header Lines of Static Files Response Header Lines Affected by jsp:directive.page Elements Setting Header Lines Directly in JSP Page
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An Introduction to Java Servlets

This article describes the overall servlet architecture and what you need to develop your application with servlets. Also presented are several code examples to show you how to use the Servlet API, and compare it with CGI and proprietary server APIs where appropriate.
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Secure a J2ME Environment with JCE

Implementing a customized security library is expensive and unsuitable for medium and small applications. The Java Cryptography Extension, while the accepted standard for these apps, brings up a host of other problems. This article analyzes those problems and demonstrates how to solve them.
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Demystifying Extreme Programming: Just-in-time design

People who aren't familiar with XP are bothered by the concept of just-in-time (JIT) design -- designing and implementing what you know you need right now and not worrying about future design issues until absolutely necessary. While this approach might seem unwise or even reckless, XP advocate Roy M
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Wireless messaging with JXTA

Learn how to use JXTA technology to integrate thin Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) clients into enterprise-scale messaging applications by developing a set of classes that let you integrate J2ME clients into JMS (Java Message Service) applications running on Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition
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Using Java Server Pages (JSP)

This is a short introductory article on JavaServer Pages. It talks about the features of JSP, a simple example, and includes some useful JSP related-links.
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Use the Element Construction Set to create formatted logs

The Jakarta Element Construction Set (ECS) is an open source project for creating markup language documents using the Java language and an object-oriented approach. Java developer Amit Tuli provides an introduction to ECS and shows you a step-by-step approach for using it to generate well-formatted
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Configuring Slide with Catalina

This article tells about the 2 architectures that we can use to build applications with Servlets and JSP.
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How To Produce a Java TOC2 Class Which Can Contact Aim

AOL Instant Messenger is one of the most popular instant messenging tools available today. It allows you to send instant messages to other people who use AIM. At the same time, it is possible to heavily customize AIM programs by using a protocol which is named TOC2.
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How To Perform Class Loading With Java

The class loading system for Java is both flexible and strong. It will allow your programs to gains access to class databases without having to link to "include" files which are static. It will load archive files which contain these classes and other tools from specific locations.
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The On Demand Operating Environment

The On Demand Operating Environment is based upon the concepts of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). SOA views every application or resource as a service implementing a specific, identifiable set of (business) functions. In addition to the business functions, services in an on demand environment m
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This article aims at presenting how to create a servlet that sends a zip file to the user.
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Quick Java programming with FESI

In the real world of everyday computing (and development), there are many situations where "whipping up a Java program" to perform a task is either impractical or too time consuming. This article takes you into the underground world of FESI (Free EcmaScript Interpreter), where deploying th
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Scaling Web services and applications with JavaGroups

As the J2EE platform has matured, it has opened up the opportunity to deploy commodity servers in networked cluster configurations for scaling of Web services and Web applications at the Web tier. These commodity servers, interconnected through commodity LAN hardware, can provide cost-effective clus
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Java Servlets: An Alternative To CGI Scripts

This article describes advantages and disadvantages of Servlets vs CGI, How a Servlet works, and Where a Servlet can be used for.
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Creating a text adventure game in Java

This is a series of tutorials that show you how to create an object-orientated adventure gaming system.
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Google on your WAP phone using Java Server Pages

Code example to demonstrate how to access Google on your WAP phone using JSP pages.
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Extending Ant to support interactive builds

Ant, from Jakarta project at the Apache Foundation, has become a de facto standard for building Java projects. You may already be using it to create automatic builds. It's easy enough to tailor those builds to your needs by customizing the build files; but what if you want to wait until run time to
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Java Runtime Problems

A brief note about some possible causes of runtime problems which may prevent Java applets from working correctly.
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This is a simple function used to encode text and attribute values before adding them to your XML documents. This code can always be extended to handle maore special characters
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Step-by-Step JAVA games (Part 1)

Creating a basic game in JPanel.
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.NET and J2EE - A Comparsion Study

This tutorial compares .NET and J2EE, discussing various features of both the technolgoies and summarising when and where these technologies are suitable to use for entriprise application.
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Secure communication between peers: SSL through JSSE

A core requirement of any non-trivial P2P application is secure communication between peers. While the details of the security depend on how the application will be used and on what it will protect, it's often possible to implement strong, general-purpose security using off-the-shelf technology such
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JTurtle is a free educational programming tutor. It uses Java Bean Shell as a scripting language. BeanShell is extremely easy to use for procedural programming, but it can also be used to teach Object Oriented programming as the full Java programming language is accessible. Notable Features: *
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JSP Action tags

In this section let us see about Action tag which is another type of tag, forward action tag and useBean action tag used in Java Server pages with syntax, usage, example and explanation in detail.
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XML generation with JAVA

XML developers used to rely on XML parsers to read XML files. They also used to rely on XML processors to transform XML to *ML (HTML, XML, etc.). However, most of them forget these tools to generate XML from scratch. They should not. This article presents code samples for generating XML with JAVA/JA
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Working with preferences: the Preferences API Specification

The addition of the java.util.prefs package to Java 1.4 (through JSR 10) lets you manipulate user preference data and configuration data by providing you with access to an implementation-specific registry (for example, the Windows Registry on Windows platforms). This article introduces you to the Pr
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JSP Application Object

In this JSP tutorial, you will learn about application object, the methods available in application object, getAttribute(String name), getAttributeNames, setAttribute(String objName, Object object), removeAttribute(String objName), getMajorVersion(), getMinorVersion(), getServerInfo(), getInitParame
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An introduction to neural networks

Neural nets may be the future of computing. A good way to understand them is with a puzzle that neural nets can be used to solve. Suppose that you are given 500 characters of code that you know to be C, C++, Java, or Python. Now, construct a program that identifies the code's language. One solution
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Introduction to WBEM and the CIM

This is a continuation of the three-part series on building resource management applications. It takes a look at the Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) initiative. WBEM serves to standardize the description and use of managed resources in enterprise networks. Follow along as the author describes
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Comparing two JVM cacert files

This can come in very handy, if you need to compare 2 different projects or envs. For example Development server against prod, to ensure they both have same certs stored in cacerts (sampled by java among others). Code to generate list of certs, along with there alias, entry, owner and valid date
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JMS 1.1 simplifies messaging with unified domains

JMS 1.1 unifies point-to-point and publish/subscribe domains, allowing developers to create more general, reusable messaging code. 1.0.2 API provides little support for an application using both domains together, and no support for developing reusable frameworks that can work equally well with desti
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RAD Tutorial w/ JavaServer Faces and WS Portal

The latest release of IBM WebSphere Studio and the Portal Toolkit plug-in provide new features for developing front-end applications using Java Server Faces. These features enable developers to quickly and easily use visual rapid-application development tools and provide a rich set of interesting us
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Herong's Notes on JDK

A collection of notes and simple codes on JDK. Topics include Blowfish, book, Calendar, certificate, character set, cipher, client authentication, collections, datagram, Date, decryption, DES, digital signature, encryption, DOM, DSA, DTD, example, HTTP, HTTPS, J2SDK, Java, JCA, JDK, JDK 1.3.1, JDK 1
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Perl to Java regular expressions tutorial

This small tutorial is for those who are familiar with regular expressions in Perl and want to use them in Java too. I give some examples in Perl on the left side and their Java equivalents on the right side.
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CX310-090 SCBCD EJB Java

Pass SCBCD CX310-090 exam in first attempt. 280 questions with detailed explanation and 100 study notes. CX310-090 - SCBCD EJB Java study notes, articles and mock test. 99% pass rate, 100% money back guarantee. Based on latest SUN certification exam pattern. Download exam simulation and study guide.
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