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Build your own Java-based supercomputer

If you've ever wanted to build your own supercomputer but have been held back by the demands of parallel programming in C, Pseudo Remote Threads is for you. This prize-winning Java programming model greatly simplifies parallel programming on clusters, bringing supercomputing out of the laboratory an
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Servlets Advanced

After describing some basic programming of servlets, we will describe some advanced topics of servlets in this tutorial, viz., Session Tracking, Servlet Filters, Servlet Life Cycle Events, Including, forwarding and redirecting, Servlet Chaining and Applet Servlet Communication.
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JSP Out Object

In this JSP tutorial, you will learn about out object and its methods viz. clear, clearBuffer, flush, isAutoFlush, getBufferSize, getRemaining, newLine, print and println.
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Diagnosing Java code: The case for static types

Love or hate it, static type checking can make code more robust. Programming languages are moving away from static type checking, but it is too powerful a debug resource to abandon. Static type checking can be one of the key weapons in a powerful arsenal against introducing and for detecting bugs. T
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Console Based Java Calculator

This is a small Console Based Java Calculator that can add, subtract , divide and multiply two numbers. Find the square root of a number, cube of a number, nth Power of a number. It is very for the begnners of Java....
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Swing Dev with TableModel Free framework

This article introduces the TableModel Free (TMF) framework which eliminates the need to use TableModels with Swing JTables. The TMF framework allows for more configurable JTables by moving all of table-specific data outside of the compiled code and into a configurable XML file. Framework developer
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Building Your Own JSP Components

Adapted from a chapter of the book Web Development with JavaServer Pages, this article is written for developers who want to create their own Beans for use as JSP components, and for interested web designers who want to understand how these components are implemented behind the scenes. It is not nec
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EJB 2.1 Kick Start : Implementing a Solution Using EJB 2.1.

Sample chapter from "EJB 2.1 Kick Start" on installing an application server to developing and deploying an EJB on it.
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JDBC wrapper: A quick data access solution for simple programs

JDBC provides a powerful, comprehensive interface for accessing databases from Java programs. For smaller projects, JDBC can seem overwhelming, driving some programmers to avoid using a database altogether. This article describes a simple wrapper library that makes basic database usage a snap. You'l
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Java 2 Platform and JAAS Authorization Architectures

Follow along as Java architect Abhijit Belapurkar leads this detailed, behind-the-scenes introduction to two distinctly different (yet related) models of authorization: the code-centric model of the Java 2 platform security architecture and the user-centric model of the Java Authentication and Autho
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Explain garbage collection

Garbage collection is one of the most important feature of Java. Garbage collection is also called automatic memory management as JVM automatically removes the unused variables/objects (value is null) from the memory. User program can’t directly free the object from memory, instead it is the job o
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Java Tutorial for Beginners

This tutorial is for beginners but knowledge in some programming language like C is extremely useful. This tutorial starts with basics programming language constructs in Java and then moves on to discuss Object-oriented Programming concepts in Java.
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JSP Action tags

In this section let us see about Action tag which is another type of tag, forward action tag and useBean action tag used in Java Server pages with syntax, usage, example and explanation in detail.
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Best Practice with Expresso Framework

Why invent the wheel every time you develop an application in Java? Writing a J2EE web application is complicated enough; you would not write a linked list module in C++ every time you started a new project. You would rather use another person's implementation. The same reuse-idea surely applies to
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Java Q & A

Here are a selection of common questions and answers about Java programming. Question categories are grouped by Applets, AWT / Graphics, I/O & Files, Language questions, Data type issues, Keywords, Operators, Networking, Java.util package and more.
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JDK More Flexible, Scalable Locking

Multithreading and concurrency are nothing new, but one of the innovations of the Java language design was that it was the first mainstream programming language to incorporate a cross-platform threading model and formal memory model directly into the language specification. While this simplifies the
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JSP Response Object

In this JSP tutorial, you will learn about JSP Response object, Methods of response Object, setContentType(), addCookie(Cookie cookie), containsHeader(String name), setHeader(String name, String value), sendRedirect(String) and sendError(int status_code).
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Paging Records in JSP

You can divide database results into pages with this script. This source code is for available to use with MySQL. But you can modify the code to use with PostgreSql and Oracle. You can not use this code with MS-SQL. Becuase MS-SQL does not support using 'LIMIT' in your sql queries.
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User interface logic in use case modeling

This article leads you into the gray zone between modeling and method, with a look at requirements gathering via use case modeling. In particular, this article focuses on the relationship between user interfaces, system interfaces, and use case descriptions.
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Extending Ant to support interactive builds

Ant, from Jakarta project at the Apache Foundation, has become a de facto standard for building Java projects. You may already be using it to create automatic builds. It's easy enough to tailor those builds to your needs by customizing the build files; but what if you want to wait until run time to
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Download SCEA 310-051 Free Exam Simulator

SCEA Practice 310-051 Free Exam Simulator which helps you to prepare for the exam. The Exam Simulator is a computer program designed to help you pass your examination on the first try. The Exam Simulator pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses by quizzing you with questions similar to those found o
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Java Online Course

Easy to follow, visual presentation of many of the concepts you need to start programming in java such as fundamentals, syntax, basic packages, GUI with AWT/Swing/2Dapi, threads and networking. Includes example source code, quizzes and exercises.
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JavaServer Pages (JSP)

This is one of the most comprehensive introductory online tutorial on JSP programming. It covers: Syntax Summary, Template Text (Static HTML), JSP Scripting Elements: Expressions, Scriptlets, and Declarations, JSP Directives, Example using Scripting Elements and Directives, Predefined Variables, JSP
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Comparing two JVM cacert files

This can come in very handy, if you need to compare 2 different projects or envs. For example Development server against prod, to ensure they both have same certs stored in cacerts (sampled by java among others). Code to generate list of certs, along with there alias, entry, owner and valid date
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What is Polymorphism

Polymorphism means any forms. In OOPS, it refers to the capability of objects to react differently to the same method. Polymorphism can be implemented in the Java language in the form of multiple methods having the same name. Java code uses a late-binding technique to support polymorphism; the meth
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Introducing the Reflexive User Interface Builder

The IBM Reflexive User Interface Builder (RIB), a new technology available from alphaWorks, is an application and toolkit for building and rendering Java AWT/Swing and Eclipse SWT GUIs. RIB specifies a flexible and easy-to-use XML markup language for describing Java GUIs and provides an engine for c
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JSP Tutorials - Controlling HTTP Response Header Lines

This tutorial helps you to understand: HTTP Response Syntax HTTP Response Header Lines Controlling Response Header Lines Viewing Response Header Lines Response Header Lines of Static Files Response Header Lines Affected by jsp:directive.page Elements Setting Header Lines Directly in JSP Page
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This is a simple function used to encode text and attribute values before adding them to your XML documents. This code can always be extended to handle maore special characters
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Connecting MS Access Database with JDBC-OBDC Bridge Driver

Tutorials on using the JDBC-ODBC Bridge driver with MS Access database. Topics include creating MS Access database file; creating DSN for MS Access database files; inserting rows to and retrieving rows from Access database.
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Quick Java programming with FESI

In the real world of everyday computing (and development), there are many situations where "whipping up a Java program" to perform a task is either impractical or too time consuming. This article takes you into the underground world of FESI (Free EcmaScript Interpreter), where deploying th
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Your First Java Program

This first Java training lesson describes how to create, compile and run your first program using notepad and the windows command prompt. This focuses more on teaching you how to get it to work than on the function of the code, which will be explained in a future lesson. This lesson is also demonstr
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JSP Tags

In this JSP tutorial, you will learn about JSP tags, list of the tags used in Java Server Pages, declaration tag, general syntax of declaration tag, expression tag and general syntax of expression tag.
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  Rated 3.46 out of 5 MORE DETAILS

Building dynamic Web sites with mathematical content

Learn how JSP technology and LaTeX help online science education and research. JSP pages and custom tags can get LaTeX-formatted formulae onto the Web in a fashion that is easy for the author and doesn't require any special client-side software. Through increasingly efficient methods, you'll see how
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  Rated 2.67 out of 5 MORE DETAILS

Generate Certificate Chains for Testing Java Applications

Learn how to create digital-certificate chains to test your software. IBM Software Engineer, Paul H. Abbott, clarifies this seldom-documented process by showing you how to use the freely available OpenSSL toolkit to create a certificate chain of any length. He also describes common certificate attri
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  Rated 3.67 out of 5 MORE DETAILS

Adding JRuby to your Java Toolbox

JRuby combines the object-oriented strength of Smalltalk, the expressiveness of Perl, and the flexibility of the Java class libraries into a single, efficient rapid development framework for the Java platform. In this third installment in the alt.lang.jre series, Michael Squillace and Barry Feigenba
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  Rated 3.50 out of 5 MORE DETAILS

Advanced form processing using JSP

This article examines the processing of a user registration form using JSP and JavaBeans while implementing the Memento design pattern. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with basic JSP syntax.
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A simple if else..

A detailed tutorial for If else which plays a very important role for beginners If else? What are "if elses" and why do you use it? Come and find everything in this tutorial
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This article aims at presenting how to create a servlet that sends a zip file to the user.
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  Rated 2.67 out of 5 MORE DETAILS

JSci: An open-source alternative for Java 2D graphing

Java 2D may be the most obvious solution for programming 2D graphs in Java programs, but it's not the only one. This article proposes an elegant alternative in the form of Java Objects for Science (JSci), an open-source package that lets you create 2D bar graphs, pie charts, and line graphs in Swing
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  Rated 3.67 out of 5 MORE DETAILS

Java Runtime Problems

A brief note about some possible causes of runtime problems which may prevent Java applets from working correctly.
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