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Tips and Tutorials

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WAP builds Java applications

If your company already relies on multitiered enterprise Java applications, then you may be closer to a wireless future than you think. By outlining a sample application, this article shows you how to connect your existing enterprise Java infrastructure to a wireless network with minimal investment
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JTurtle is a free educational programming tutor. It uses Java Bean Shell as a scripting language. BeanShell is extremely easy to use for procedural programming, but it can also be used to teach Object Oriented programming as the full Java programming language is accessible. Notable Features: *
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HTTP tunneling with servlets

The corporate firewall is a double-edged sword. It helps prevent unauthorized access to the corporate Web services, but can disable access for legitimate clients. Due to the number of safety measures taken by system administrators, HTTP has become the universal entry mechanism to the corporate netwo
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Starting to work with JSP Sessions

Session are very helpful to associate some data with each visitor. You may pass and retrieve values in diffrent page using sessions. All sessions are an object associated with each web client. In this sample code we will create a session named `username` and later put a value inside our new Session
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Build your own Java-based supercomputer

If you've ever wanted to build your own supercomputer but have been held back by the demands of parallel programming in C, Pseudo Remote Threads is for you. This prize-winning Java programming model greatly simplifies parallel programming on clusters, bringing supercomputing out of the laboratory an
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Incredibly Easy Way to play Sounds

Do you want to add sound to your JAVA application? It's so incredibly easy!
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Writing Form Data to Text Files

This sample of JSP file, first handles all posted data from a web form and write to a text file. We have used Tomcat Server to run our sample code. You could easily edit the source code to use in your application.
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Demystifying Extreme Programming: Just-in-time design

People who aren't familiar with XP are bothered by the concept of just-in-time (JIT) design -- designing and implementing what you know you need right now and not worrying about future design issues until absolutely necessary. While this approach might seem unwise or even reckless, XP advocate Roy M
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Understanding and Using JSP Sessions

This tutorial helps you to understand: What is a session? How a JSP server uses cookies to pass session ID? How to pass values in session objects? How to debug JSP session objects?
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JSP Environment Setup

In this JSP tutorial, you will learn the steps for setting JSP environment in Microsoft Windows, setting the PATH and CLASSPATH, steps for downloading and installing the Tomcat web server.
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Java Tutorial for Beginners

This tutorial is for beginners but knowledge in some programming language like C is extremely useful. This tutorial starts with basics programming language constructs in Java and then moves on to discuss Object-oriented Programming concepts in Java.
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Java 101 - An introduction to Java

This free tutorial series teaches the basics of Java programming. It requires no previous Java experience, and is perfect for the beginner. Tutorials cover a wide range of topics, from applets and applications, to more advanced issues such as class design, event handling and networking.
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Java Q & A

Here are a selection of common questions and answers about Java programming. Question categories are grouped by Applets, AWT / Graphics, I/O & Files, Language questions, Data type issues, Keywords, Operators, Networking, Java.util package and more.
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Java For Stand-Alone Applications

Java programming language was primarily developed to deal with embedded applications. But with the introduction of Swing and other user interface utilities to Java, it made its mark in desktop applications too. Now the trend is to use Java technology in developing large web and enterprise applicatio
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Console Based Java Calculator

This is a small Console Based Java Calculator that can add, subtract , divide and multiply two numbers. Find the square root of a number, cube of a number, nth Power of a number. It is very for the begnners of Java....
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Java Examples - Learn Java Programming by Examples

Kode Java website provides beginners to Java programming some examples of how to use the Java API (Application Programming Interface) to develop an application. Learning by following some examples will hopefully decrease the amount of time needed to begin to code in Java.
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JSP Response Object

In this JSP tutorial, you will learn about JSP Response object, Methods of response Object, setContentType(), addCookie(Cookie cookie), containsHeader(String name), setHeader(String name, String value), sendRedirect(String) and sendError(int status_code).
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JSP Introduction

In this JSP tutorial, you will learn about JSP, usage of JSP, process of development, independency of layers and simplification of process.
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Developing Java Servlets

In this first part of a series on developing Java servlets, this tutorial shows how to create a basic servlet. It includes information about downloading the Java Servlet Development Kit from Sun.
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Writing Your First JSP

A brief introduction to writing your own first Java Server Pages (JSP). Covers several different editions of "Hello, World!" example. This article is the first excerpt of a full series from the book, Web Development with JavaServer Pages.
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JSci: An open-source alternative for Java 2D graphing

Java 2D may be the most obvious solution for programming 2D graphs in Java programs, but it's not the only one. This article proposes an elegant alternative in the form of Java Objects for Science (JSci), an open-source package that lets you create 2D bar graphs, pie charts, and line graphs in Swing
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Introduction to JavaServer Pages

This article introduces you to JSP: its features, target users, and intended use. It also compares JSP to some current Netscape technologies, such as SSJS and NAS's presentation markup language. Main topics include: JSP basics, Basic JSP request model, Working with Java Beans, and more.
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Dynamic Web-based data access using JSP and JDBC technologies

This article discusses using the JSP and JDBC technologies to integrate static, dynamic, and database content in Web sites. For the purposes of simplicity and illustration, the JSP pages here use short scriptlets to expose the JSP developer to the underlying JDBC concepts instead of hiding them in c
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What do you understand by Synchronization

Synchronization is a process of controlling the access of shared resources by the multiple threads in such a manner that only one thread can access one resource at a time. In non synchronized multithreaded application, it is possible for one thread to modify a shared object while another thread is i
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Hello World tutorial

Basic 'Hello World' tutorial in Java
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An Introduction to Java Servlets

This article describes the overall servlet architecture and what you need to develop your application with servlets. Also presented are several code examples to show you how to use the Servlet API, and compare it with CGI and proprietary server APIs where appropriate.
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Creating a text adventure game in Java

This is a series of tutorials that show you how to create an object-orientated adventure gaming system.
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Swing Dev with TableModel Free framework

This article introduces the TableModel Free (TMF) framework which eliminates the need to use TableModels with Swing JTables. The TMF framework allows for more configurable JTables by moving all of table-specific data outside of the compiled code and into a configurable XML file. Framework developer
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Perl to Java regular expressions tutorial

This small tutorial is for those who are familiar with regular expressions in Perl and want to use them in Java too. I give some examples in Perl on the left side and their Java equivalents on the right side.
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Wireless messaging with JXTA

Learn how to use JXTA technology to integrate thin Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) clients into enterprise-scale messaging applications by developing a set of classes that let you integrate J2ME clients into JMS (Java Message Service) applications running on Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition
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Comparing two JVM cacert files

This can come in very handy, if you need to compare 2 different projects or envs. For example Development server against prod, to ensure they both have same certs stored in cacerts (sampled by java among others). Code to generate list of certs, along with there alias, entry, owner and valid date
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What's new in JDBC 3.0

The Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API has emerged as a key part of the Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) and Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platforms. It is the primary standards-based mechanism for the Java language to programmatically access relational databases, so when a new version of the sp
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J2EE Overview

J2EE is a technology that aims to simplify the design and implementation of enterprise applications. In this tutorial you will learn what J2EE is, its benefits, J2EE main components, Evolution of Enterprise Application Frameworks, Why use J2EE, J2EE Platform Architecture, J2EE APIs and Technologies
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Counting Records in MySQL by JSP

This code source displays count of records in MySQL. We are using a SQL statement. You can easily modify the code to use in different languages. But this code can be used for JSP with MySQL. We will use Connector/J driver to connect database.
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What is Object Serialization

Serialization is a way of flattening, pickling, sizzling, serializing, or freeze-drying Objects so that they can be stored on disk, and later read back and reconstituted, with all the links between Objects intact Object serialization is the process of saving an object's state to a sequence of bytes
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How To Quickly Develop Java Programs With Tapestry

As you work with J2EE, you will find that there are a large number of programs which have been designed to make it easier to work with. If you are a programmer, the last thing you should want to concern yourself with is basic low level programming work.
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Java Queries

This is a complete library of java interview questions with detailed descriptive answeres.Visit http://java-queries.blogs pot.com and shrapen your java skills
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Introduction to WBEM and the CIM

This is a continuation of the three-part series on building resource management applications. It takes a look at the Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) initiative. WBEM serves to standardize the description and use of managed resources in enterprise networks. Follow along as the author describes
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Java Runtime Problems

A brief note about some possible causes of runtime problems which may prevent Java applets from working correctly.
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Getting started with the FMA and Jiro

If you're looking for a unique programming challenge, try your hand at building a management application for a distributed, cross-platform network. This article is the first in a three-part series that looks at how Sun Microsystems's Jiro technology and the Distributed Management Task Force's Web-Ba
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